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Atlantian Order of the Laurel

Mistress Iselda de Narbonne

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October 10, 2020 (AS 55)
By Anton V & Luned IV
King and Queen of Atlantia
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Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
10/10/2020 Atlantia Mistress of the Laurel
1/9/2010 Northshield Award of the Black Blame
1/18/2020 Atlantia Companion of the Coral Branch
5/4/2019 Atlantia Award of the Silver Nautilus
2/26/2011 Ealdormere Skraeling Althing Bunny Tail
7/21/2012 Ealdormere Skraeling Althing Black Hare

There are 6 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Home Branch: Shire of Roxbury Mill, Atlantia

Other Information:
Iselda de Narbonne is a trobaritz who has traveled the known world, sometimes going by the name "Isolde de Lengadoc." She has called many places home, including Ansteorra, Northshield, Ealdormere, and the distant lands of the Slavs north of the Black Sea, beyond the reaches of any kingdom. She currently resides in Atlantia, in the Shire of Roxbury Mill. In A.S. 54, she was chosen to serve for one year as Poeta Atlantiae, charged with filling the hearts and halls of Atlantia with poetry.

Iselda's interests include the music and poetry of the middle ages. She is a singer who also plays the harp and lyre.

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Alternate Names: Isolde de Lengadoc

Contact Information:
Mistress Iselda de Narbonne
alix.evans AT

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