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Atlantian Order of the Laurel

Mistress Kaleeb al-Akhdar

No Picture Available Order of the Laurel

Diverse Arts - Anglo-Saxon
Textile/Fiber Arts

May 26, 2018 (AS 53)
By Dietrich II and Una I
King and Queen of Atlantia
Argent, a die gules marked argent.

Argent, a die gules marked argent.

Name registered with the College of Arms in January 2005
Device registered with the College of Arms in January 2005

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
5/26/2018 Atlantia Mistress of the Laurel
3/29/2003 Atlantia Grant of Arms
3/24/2007 Atlantia Companion of the Pearl
11/5/2011 Atlantia Companion of the Golden Dolphin
1/20/1990 Middle Award of Arms
3/5/2005 Atlantia Companion of the Coral Branch
3/24/2007 Atlantia Court Baroness
3/29/2003 Atlantia Tir-y-Don Territorial Baroness, Retired - RETIRED 3/24/2007
3/3/2018 Atlantia Award of the Silver Nautilus
10/20/1990 Middle Flaming Gryphon Companion of the Gryphon's Plume
11/10/2001 Atlantia Tir-y-Don Companion of the Swan and Cygnet
11/16/2002 Atlantia Tir-y-Don Companion of the Whelk
3/23/2013 Atlantia Tir-y-Don Companion of the Golden Phoenix
4/30/2016 Atlantia Tir-y-Don Baron's Award of Excellence
3/30/2019 Atlantia Tir-y-Don Baroness' Order of Courtesy

There are 15 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Home Branch: Barony of Tir-y-Don, Atlantia

Personal Website:

Other Information:
Anglo-Saxon pre- 1000 is my area of interest

Contact the Order Principal to upload your Laurel scroll for viewing.

Device image courtesy of Llwyd Aldrydd

Alternate Names: Kaleeb the Inflammable, Kaleeb Auon Khadrae

Contact Information:
Mistress Kaleeb al-Akhdar (Patricia Ellison)
Yorktown, VA 23692
Pellison AT

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