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Atlantian Order of the Laurel

Countess Sibilla Daine

No Picture Available Order of the Laurel


May 28, 2011 (AS 46)
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Gules, in pale three wolves passant, the center contourny, argent within a bordure gyronny sable and Or each gyron charged with a tower counterchanged.

Name registered with the College of Arms in April 2010
Device registered with the College of Arms in April 2010

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
4/7/2012 Trimaris Countess
5/28/2011 Trimaris Mistress of the Laurel
4/7/2012 Trimaris Lady of the Rose
11/12/2010 Trimaris Order of the Silver Trident Trimaris
11/12/2010 Trimaris Grant of Arms
5/15/2004 Trimaris Award of Arms
5/27/2007 Trimaris Order of the Argent Morning Star of Trimaris
5/23/2009 Trimaris Order of the Argent Estoile
9/5/2009 Trimaris Companion for the Order of the Cross of St. Joan
11/10/2012 Trimaris Order of the Trefoil Argent of Trimaris
3/14/2013 Trimaris Lion d'Or
8/30/2013 Trimaris Order of the Argent Palm
1/4/2014 Trimaris Augmentation of Arms
10/18/2014 Atlantia Augmentation of Arms

There are 14 awards.

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Home Branch: Kingdom of Trimaris

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Contact Information:
Countess Sibilla Daine

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