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Atlantian Order of the Laurel

Viscountess Jeanmaire du Domremy

(Registered Name: Jeanmaire Ilaria Beatrice du Domremy)

Jeanmaire du Domremy Order of the Laurel

Clothing - 16th Century

July 19, 1986 (AS 21)
Sable, vêtu ployé Or, semé-de-lys sable, a wyvern sejant Or.

Sable, vêtu ployé Or, semé-de-lys sable, a wyvern sejant Or.

Name (Jeanmaire Ilaria Beatrice du Domremy) registered with the College of Arms in June 1988
Device registered with the College of Arms in May 1983

Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
1/7/1989 Drachenwald Viscountess
7/19/1986 Atlantia Mistress of the Laurel
1/5/1985 Atlantia Companion of the Pearl
5/24/2008 Atlantia Companion of the Golden Dolphin
2/13/1982 Atlantia Award of Arms
1/7/1989 Drachenwald Order of the Edelweiss
6/22/1991 Drachenwald Order of the Panache
10/20/1984 Atlantia Companion of the Silver Needle
6/18/1994 Drachenwald Popular Company of Sojourners
9/1/2007 Atlantia Award of the Undine
2/14/2009 Atlantia Sacred Stone Territorial Baroness, Retired - RETIRED 2/14/2010
10/5/2013 Atlantia Award of the Fountain
6/24/2006 Atlantia Sacred Stone Companion of the Phoenix Eye
8/30/2008 Atlantia Sacred Stone Companion of the Sacred Stone
8/30/2008 Atlantia Sacred Stone Award of the Phoenix's Citrine

There are 15 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Home Branch: Barony of Highland Foorde, Atlantia

Other Information:
My first love was sewing and reconstructing 16th C. clothing. And 9th C. Clothing. And 12th C. clothing. (You get the idea.) Then I discovered how to embellish clothing with pearls and other beads. My other main interests are narrow band weaving (inkle and tablet), dancing, playing any instrument in the key of C, and a few that are not, and brewing. I also enjoy teaching anything I know to anyone who is willing to listen.

Contact the Order Principal to upload your Laurel scroll for viewing.

Device image courtesy of Seamus the Tinker, 7/2012

Alternate Names: Jeanmaire Perna du Domremy (5/83)

Contact Information:
Viscountess Jeanmaire du Domremy

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