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Atlantian Order of the Laurel

Mistress Annalena Maria Giovanna di Corsini

No Picture Available Order of the Laurel


September 11, 1982 (AS 17)
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Award Date Kingdom Branch Award
9/11/1982 Meridies Mistress of the Laurel
1/10/1981 Meridies Order of the Velvet Owl
1/10/1981 Meridies Grant of Arms
8/25/1979 Meridies Award of Arms
8/22/1981 Meridies Bryn Madoc Companion of the Dreamstone

There are 5 awards.

Contact the Clerk of Precedence with any corrections to the award listing.

Personal Website:

Contact the Order Principal to upload your Laurel scroll for viewing.

Alternate Names: Tatyana Alexovna Marakovskaya

Contact Information:
Mistress Annalena Maria Giovanna di Corsini

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